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Rust Stop - Electronic Rust Protection
Its been used for over 50 years!

Electronic rust proofing has many names. Our official name is RustStop® RS-5 Electronic Rust Protection. We have used different descriptive names throughout this website to help get you used to the idea.

You may have seen products advertised as:

  • electronic rust prevention device

  • electronic rust protection device

  • electronic rust proofing device

  • electronic rustproofing device

  • electronic rust inhibitor device

  • electronic rust control device

  • electronic vehicle corrosion control device

  • electronic corrosion protection device

  • electronic rust prevention system

  • etc.

These names are interchangeable. Simply put, they all mean that electricity in some form is used to inhibit the formation of rust, corrosion or oxidation on metal.

 This in no way means that all of the products out there function the same or are equally effective!

 We've hadRustStop® (RS-5) electronic rust prevention independently tested by an unrelated company so that we could get honest and objective test results. Their conclusion was that RustStop® (RS-5) prevents approximately 76% of rust and is very effective in controlling formed rust. This translates into an increased lifespan of over 400%! Plus, if your really ambitious, protection can be increased by the use of our additional rustproofing products.

 Before we get into what RustStop® RS-5 electronic rust prevention is and how it works, let us explain how rust forms and how rust is prevented.


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