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Maximazing satisfaction through quality Our success is based on a simple and singular objective. That is provided with advanced products combined with expert service, on-time delivery and competitive price anywhere in the world.


1. DC Servo Motor
2. Two stage foot switching system
3. Available 3 layer seam tape
4. Safety device for high temperature extraction
5. Digital speed read-out
6. Dual filtration device
7. A fan for moisture and overheat prevention
8. Auto tape cutting system
9. Auto tape feeding device


1. Laser cross marking device.


1. Roller revers motion if material is stuck on the roller.
2. Digital speed reading device.
3. Forward/backward movement of material possible.
4. Fan to prevent overheating and moisture.
5. Auto cutting device.
6. Auto tape feeding device (tension regulator).
7. Working lamp.
8. CPU computer temperature controller.


Product Description
The hot air seam sealing machine can be perfected to adhered HIMEL seam sealing tape at sewing line for rainwear, tent, skiwear, outdoor jackets and waterproofing garments.

Product Feature
For producing highly dense and thick sport suits, raincoats, and tents, etc. There are can be done 1/2/3 layers of nozzles automatically controlling nozzle air heater. Space for auto temp regulation up to 699°C.

Sealing sewing line of rainwear, poncho, tent, skiwear, motocycle wear, outdoor jackets,.etc as using HIMEL seam sealing tape


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