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Security Systems


Walkie Talkie

Major Advantages

This is almost a no cost means of communicating with anyone. A user doesn't have to worry about charges.

Instant communication is one of the biggest advantages. You don't have dial, wait and get connected to talk to someone.

1. Event Organizers and Convention Center Management
2. Hotels
3. Construction and Related Trades
4. Retail Stores
5. Medical Offices
6. Farms
7. Caterers
8. Warehouses

Walkie talkies will come in handy in any business with a number of employees spread out over a large area. A strong staff needs to stay in touch. Two-way radios are especially convenient in customer service and hazardous environments, or where the staff covers large distances. Two-way radios come in two basic designs, namely portable or handheld, and mobile or in-vehicle.

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