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Rust Stop - Why RustStop RS-5?

What makes RustStop® different to most other rust prevention products? RustStop® RS-5 electronic rust protection is a precision electronic device which incorporates concepts that have been in daily use giving rust protection to ocean going vessels, underground pipelines, offshore oil rigs, bridges and other large capital investments for over forty years.

Thanks to modern technology, we have developed a cathodic protection system that overcomes the limitations of "classical cathodic protection" making RustStop® RS-5 electronic rust protection very effective on motor vehicles in atmospheric (open air) conditions! Cathodic protection, used in its classical form, is not effective in atmospheric conditions because it relies upon an electrolyte (usually water) to surround the anode and the entire metal being protected. The electrolyte then bridges the gap between the anode and metal being protected enabling the required current to flow between the two and interfere with the rusting process. This means "classical cathodic protection" would only be effective on a vehicle if it was either submerged in water or completely covered with some other conductive coating (electrolyte). RustStop® RS-5 electronic rust protection uses an adapted version of cathodic protection enabling rust protection in atmospheric conditions. This technology makes use of a clever combination of both sacrificial anode and impressed current technologies. Instead of relying on the electrolyte (water) to surround the anodes and vehicle, a current is impressed onto the vehicle forcing the electrons to flow though the metal and towards strategically placed positively charge anodes. The anodes corrode (sacrifice) and the corrosion process is interfered with. RustStop® has enhanced this technology for vehicles in a number of ways, a few are:· The anodes are adhered to the vehicle using a unique, specially designed, variable resistance conductive tape, which creates an electrolyte between the anode and vehicle. This tape has varying resistance levels depending on the humidity or moisture present. This means that in drier conditions it impresses the required current but senses when there is more moisture present, and hence a greater rust threat, and then impresses greater levels of current offering greater protection when needed. · The Command Module outputs a stepped up charge of 38-45 Volts onto the anodes. This high voltage causes a greater attraction of electrons resulting in greater rust protection. Note: Most units on the market output only 12 volts. · Unlike other systems out there, RustStop® RS-5 electronic rust protection gives each individual customer visual proof that it's working. The RustStop® RS-5 Sacrificial Anodes were specifically designed to attract free electrons that would otherwise be eating away at your vehicle. When these free electrons arrive at the Sacrificial Anodes, the Anodes corrode. This means that the corrosion that forms on the Anodes would have been corrosion forming somewhere else on your vehicle, giving you visual proof that the system is working.


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