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Security Systems


GPS Tracking System


Use of Tracking

You know where your vehicle, your loved one, your valuables etc.
For whom,
1. Vehicle rent company
2. Cash transfer
3. School children
4. High risk persons VVIP's
5. Taxi service
6. Vehicle hiring company's
7. Sales and for field staff monitoring

How can the GPS tracker help you

1. Find out where the location at any time, the speed, stoppage, fuel level, out of zone alarm.
2. Battery power indication, unlike other mobile tracker the user cannot off the unit and say the batteries dead
3. GPS and GSM signal level so that you know even the user try to say there is no signal you could monitor from your system

What is Live Tracking
Live GTS is a online web based GPS Tracking Software, you can build your own GPS tracking server for your local customers with low cost now. You can use it as GPS personal and vehicle tracking software.

Why Live Tracking

1. Live GTS is a professional Web-based GPS tracking software. A lot of customers from all over the world are using this software to provide live tracking service to their clients, it is stable enough with rich functions.

2. You can build your tracking platform with your domain name, company name, logo, contact email, language and other customize information etc. Your customers don't even know this software is from us

3. Live GTS can create multi-user accounts; you can set each user to one kind of user role, so it is very easy for you to control each user's access right.

4. You don't need to pay a lot of money at first, you can pay monthly fee to have a try first.

5. Promotion your GPS tracker: Your customers will be satisfied with your service and increase your sales according to our experience.

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