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Rust Stop - RS-5 Models
RustStop RS-5 Kit

The NEW RustStop® RS-5 electronic vehicle corrosion control is a precision electronic system which successfully combines both Impressed Current and Sacrificial Anode technologies. The Sacrificial Anodes give customers visual proof that the system is working. RustStop® RS-5 comes in 6 volt, 12 volt and 24 volt variations to match your vehicles battery system.

The new RustStop® RS-5 system has two dedicated channels and utilises an advanced technology called Intelligent Anode Control. Effectively this gives the system more control over each anode and can deliver the exact amount of current depending on the condtions.

Standard 12V INPUT system 


 There are different RS-5 models to suite different input voltages:

  • 12V INPUT  - 4 Rust Magnets® - Cars, 4WDs, Utes etc.

  • 24V INPUT - 6 Rust Magnets® - Trucks, Buses, Motorhomes etc.

  • 6V INPUT - 2 Rust Magnets® - Motorcycles, Vintage Cars etc.

24V System




6V System


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